So I dated this girl for 10 months. She was the first real relationship since the end of my marriage. Mind you I didn’t “rush” into it, it was over 2 years since my marriage ended that I dated this one.

I fought hard for Jessica. Perhaps she is/was the most BEAUTIFUL girls I dated and I was absolutely crushing on her since the first date. There were tons of signs during the ten months that I SHOULDN’T be dating her. TONS. I simply pushed them to the side and thought of them as just quirks and part of who she is. Who was I to judge, I should learn to accept who she is if I really liked her…which I did.

Ten months and a bunch of fights later we both ended it in a rather nasty fashion. It has been two months now and I have texted her twice in hopes that things have settled down and we would maybe get along. She has texted back saying “Let’s just be friends.”

Why would anyone really want to be “Friends” with their EX. Think about it. You put in time and effort and eventually it doesn’t last but she gives you the option of remaining friends. Who would really want to see their ex with another guy and hear about all that.

#Sad #Down #Lonely #WhyAmIMissingHer

What is up?

It has been a while since I have published anything in here. Not so long since I have wrote anything.

School starts this weekend, I managed to enroll into a Saturday class…accounting and then one online class, so that will be 7 credit hours. I am excited to always start school…I wonder if I will be saying that midway through the semester.

I actually was awarded a Pell Grant. Which basically means I will be trying twice as hard to make sure I don’t loose it for the next semester.


I am working on a big project for myself and writing. This is an interesting story. More later.




An Update before the actual update.

It has been a while since I wrote in this thing. Perhaps a lot going on, a bit of laziness on my part and no motivation. I keep notes in my physical journal though, I write when something happens. I’d like to write all the time, but I cannot keep up. I see 2013 as a new year though. New happenings. New surprises.


A goal or two would include to read more.  Work out more and worry less about women.


That has been a main concern of mine for the last year, trying to find someone to make me happy. The few that I have found only ended up hurting me, so I think it is high time to stop searching and let something find me.

On the book end, I have checked out a few books, started reading them and I will continue to do that.

School has been going increasingly well. One day I hope to have my degree because I don’t really see how I can get anywhere in life without one. But I still don’t know what I want to do.

Things I eat: Smashburger

I enjoy a good burger so I finally got a chance to try SmashBurger…not too many gripes here.
The burger is well seasoned, I had the windy city burger. The bun is The only problem, it slips and slides everywhere.

The fries aren’t anything special. They are skinnier and lightly salted, I prefer Meatheads fries to Smashburgers.

My son got the kids cheeseburger and the same issue with the bun. Regardless he finished the whole thing up without complaint.

My only problem, is that the wait staff was so eager to clean up. I got up to take my little person to the bathroom and we came back and our half eaten food was gone. They immediately replaced it, but I mean come on our coats were sitting right in the seats!
I’d recommend Smashburger. Meatheads though in Naperville would still have to be my local fav. until Smash got their stuff together.


PS they have one of them cool Coca Cola Freestyle Machine, with 100 some odd flavors

Things I eat: Grilled Cheese

Enjoy life and eat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Why not right? It is fairly easy to make and a staple of American society. Everyone loves a grilled cheese. Lately I have been experimenting with different variations of said sandwich and just the other day I have come up with the killer grilled cheese sandwich that surely will hit home with all of you. Stay with me on this one. I am going to dive deep…

The basic grilled cheese is your buttery covered bread and grilled cheese, cooked on the stove to a golden brown perfection. I am going to take it a few steps further.

I won’t include a picture of the Bread, but you should all know what bread looks like. You will start with 2 pieces of White bread, whole grain, or which ever floats your boat. I will use white bread.

Next I actually like to completely melt my butter, I used a quarter to half a stick of butter for the Grilled Cheese.

Once the butter is melted I like to add a bit of Garlic Powder to the butter mix, it makes the finished product taste a bit like garlic bread!

Once you mix in the Garlic Powder, pour a fair amount onto once side of each slice of bread and make sure it is soaked in. The buttered side will go face down onto the pan.

So basically it is all uphill from here and you will have that cheese in your mouth very shortly…

Make sure the pan is heated and add the bread.

You will have to be a good judge at watching the bread. You don’t want it to burn, but when it starts to get a golden brown color that is when you go ahead and add the cheeses and whatnot.

I will start with 3 pieces of American cheese. We had the good stuff this kind, straight up from the Deli.

Take the three pieces and place them on one of the slices of bread.

Next I added a piece of ham, just for taste.

Then believe it or not, I grilled up some bacon. Hold it. This is about to get tasty! I am not kidding around here.

To be completely honest, I ended up eating one piece before it ever got onto the Grilled Cheese. But one piece DID make it and it made the sandwich. It really put the sandwich together.

Then finally just for added effect, I decided to throw on some Feta cheese, which is probably one of the smartest things I have done in my life.

The Feta really made the Grilled Cheese unique tasting. Really can’t put it into words, kind of dark and sweet taste.

But lets not forget the bacon, that is the real reason I made the grilled cheese. For the Bacon.

So once everything is on the sandwich add the other slice of bread to the top. You really do not need to keep flipping it over and over. One flip  will do. When the cheese is oozing out, that’s how you know you have a winner. Carefully place the Grilled Cheese on a dinner plate and enjoy. Ideally you should have this with tomato soup, for dipping but the bacon would have been too over powering

-Daniel Lee

Things I eat: “Magic Hotdogs”

My mom was always a great cook growing up! One of the things she made was what she coined “Magic Hotdogs” or crescent dogs, but the name Magic Hotdog has always stuck with me. I realize it is kind of childish but it is what it is. This is one of the dishes I have kinda carried over and  started make for myself and my son when I am making dinner. It is fairly simple to make and takes about a half hour total. I will explain it here.


You need to start with Crescent Rolls. Normal size will do. You need about 8 of them.


You also need cheese, American works best. 4 slices will be plenty.



Finally you need 8 hotdogs, Oscar Mayer Hotdogs will work perfectly and taste the best for this dish.


So basically what you’re going to do it this. Take out the 8 hotdogs and 4 slices of cheese and crescent rolls. With a sharp knife slice the hotdogs straight down the middle, not so they are sliced in half, but about a halfway deep slice keeping them still intact. You next want to take a slice of cheese and fold into 4 equal parts. Each hotdog will need half a slice of cheese, you will take two of the quarter cheese and put them side by side in the hotdog.

By this point you can preheat your oven to 375 degrees…


After each and every hotdog has cheese in it, you will take the crescent rolls and individually wrap each dog with one roll like so.

Bake for about 20 minutes, or when the crescent rolls are golden brown and the cheese is nice and melted, take them out and enjoy!



These Magic Hotdogs are best served with a decent amount of ketchup for dipping.  YUMMY No…Magic!. Enjoy.


I will try and document the weirder dishes I eat and how to make them from now on.

My one regret….

Out of Highschool I wanted to join the Marine Corps, and I did. I enlisted, passed the tests and left for bootcamp. The problem started when I met a girl right before I left. She was beautiful! I thought she was the cutest girl I have ever been with and would ever be with. I was only 18 and I thought she was “the one.” What a joke that was eh? What does a kid know about love. I wish the 24 year old me could go back and beat the shit out of the 18 year old me and tell me to cut the shit, you’ll only get hurt. No, I have a girlfriend and I was going to be a big bad ass Marine. What more could a kid want?

My biggest regret is slagging off the Marines. But I digress. Bootcamp was 3 months long, in Sunny San Diego and I was motivated going in. There were days where I thought why the hell am I doing this, but that was always a passing problem. I wanted it, or thought I did. I got a letter the second month in this girl who I told I loved (again WTF was I thinking?) I told her I LOVED her after two weeks of knowing her. Jesus Christ! This girl who said she felt the same sends me a letter breaking up with me while I was at bootcamp. Sends me a letter not only breaking up with me but god dammit she said she was seeing my BEST FRIEND from High Scnhool. A kid who I foolishly introduced her to, I was excited to have my buddy meet this girl and thought he would be excited for me as well. Nope! They are tearing up the lines, hanging out while I am gone!

A normal person would think so what, get over it. NOT THAT EASY when you are already in the process of being broken down, told you are lower than shit, working the hardest physically you ever have in your life. Then you are brought back up to be someone who is Proud, Looked Up to, admired even. I didn’t get to that last part. I had someone or thought I had someone on the outside who would encourage me and tell me to do my best who would write me sweet letters and send me pictures of a pretty face to look at.

I was sent a break up letter at the worst possible time, when I was at my lowest point. I lost my will to keep going in the Marines. I essentially gave up. They tell you there is no way out but someone who is determined will find a way out. Which is something I regret doing for 6 years now.

Welcome Dan! HUH?

I am starting to think I go to Wal Mart a bit too much. Once or twice a week I can honestly say I visit there for things I need. The other couple times it is purely because I need something to do.

The most awkward part is walking in. You enter the automatic door and you are greeted by someone who says “Welcome to Wal Mart,” or when your leaving “Thank you for shopping at Wal Mart.” The other day the older lady says “Welcome to Wal Mart Dan,” as I walked in. I walked by as normal and a few minutes later I thought, Did she say my name? I didn’t give too much thought to it. A few days later I walk in and there is a different kid standing there so I walk by as normal “Thank you for shopping at Wal Mart Daniel!” DAMMIT! They DO know who I am.

Hmm…this is getting interesting, I have to devise a way to get past these folks where they do not see me. The thing about the greeters is they LOVE IT when someone engages them in conversation. They crave it actually. So What I will do is hide out by the cart area and just watch and wait. I sort of have to peek around the corner every few moments. 2 minutes…4 minutes…5 minutes passed and finally someone was talking to them, it was more than the casual greeting! So I quickly run past the greeter in a hurry but darn it sure enough “Hey Daniel! Welcome to Wal Mart today!”

All this can be avoided maybe if I didn’t worry about it and just say Hi back, or even give them a little smile and wave but I don’t make things that easy for myself.